How LEGO Got Me Into Architecture

how lego got me into architecture

When I was four my parents got my big sister a princess LEGO set and I was superbly jealous! I stomped and asked, “Why can’t I get a LEGO set?” My parents calmly made reply: “You’re too young and might swallow the pieces.”

After that I decided I would prove the whole world wrong! I created the evil plan to go behind my sister’s back and use her LEGO pieces to construct the most glorious skyscraper the world has ever seen. I laughed like a cartoon evil genius and displayed the completed skyscraper in the living room so my parents would see it when they finished cooking dinner. When they saw it, they rushed to my sister and lifted her in the air with hugs. She proudly took all the credit, still to this day not knowing who had really built it, and that’s when I knew I had a talent.

Since then I’ve built hundreds of LEGO creations and designed dozens of real buildings that still stand today. And so that is the story of how LEGO turned me into an architect, and I love being me! Muahahahahaha!

I hope you found this story cute and amusing. Hope to see you back soon!