Motivating Young Architects To Use Their Imagination

You don’t have to read 100 books to learn that the youth of today will be the adults of the future. This post is a shot out to all the young architects out there.

Don’t feel afraid to invent new styles and follow your dreams. In the world of design and architecture we need more artful approaches. I like to say modern is boring, but the future is bright, all thanks to you!

Please, use your imagination and don’t feel afraid to hear a lot of “nays” and laughter. Often new great ideas are ridiculed only to be profoundly accepted years later. So if you know what you believe to be the truth, stick to it and don’t stop for no man! The other day I made a post about a homeless man in Kelowna BC who made music with broken appliances, and this can be a great example of following your passion.

With all that said, it’s always a good idea still to read 100 books. Educate yourself and you can do whatever you want in this world!

I’d say “good luck”, but you don’t need it. You got this!