Marrying Your Passion

How do you follow your passion? You marry it! But marriage isn’t that simple, right? You’re right… so, if you want to marry a woman you must follow her first. Wait, I’m just making this more complicated. Let me start over.

To follow your passion you must treat her like the opposite sex. You must love her, and whatever your passion is she’ll only love you back if you treat her right. There’s a good and a bad side to passions, just like there’s a good and a bad side to marriage. For me, my passion was architecture. It’s not like I went around screaming, “I love you, architecture!” from the rooftops so everyone would hear. Life isn’t a movie, unless you make it one. Am I making this too complicated again?

Let’s make this simple. If you have a passion and want to make it your whole world, make a career out of it, then you must treat it with the same respect you would treat your spouse in a healthy marriage. It’s a weird metaphor, but it works. Try it!