How a Burlington Architect Married a Hamilton Tow Truck Operator, and Why I’m Jealous!

I love the thought of marriage and I’m jealous of my architect friend, Sally. I always thought she would marry some rich guy and go off to design crazy architecture in her home city Burlington, Ontario, Canada, which would have made me jealous, too, but I’m really envious because the man she married, Frank, is the nicest gentleman I’ve ever met and they really deserve each other. Today, this post will be about love, happiness, growth and how a man who operates tow trucks has risen to be the richest man in spirit I’ve ever known.

Sally and I have been friends since childhood and I just want to say “hi” to her because I know she’s going to read this (I’m so proud of you!). The wedding was last weekend in India where they both always dreamed of visiting. They’re still there enjoying their honeymoon, so I guess this is my post card to you guys.

I got permission to share their story here on because it’s so beautiful and deserves to have more people hear it, or in this case read it. I plan to make the story into a more formal narrative for a greater publication, so this will be practice.

Frank has been operating his roadside assistance and towing company for most of his adult life, but he’s not very competitive. He has some repeating customers and that’s all he needs to get by, but lately his company has been growing substantially ever since he upped his marketing game. When I was visiting Hamilton, ON, CA last summer, I got the chance to meet him. Sally and him have known each other for three years now but it’s only been romantic between them for the past 9 months. Why is their story so beautiful land worth sharing? Well, let’s get to the juicy bits!

There are a list of things Frank did before he asked Sally’s hand in marriage that I think the best way to get into it is to make a list:

  1. He carried her out of the house and into the tow truck and drove her to work from Hamilton to Burlington every day for the 9 months they’ve been living together (Sally’s in a wheel chair, hence the carrying).
  2. Every day after work he brought her flowers for the course of a whole month!
  3. He got all his tow trucks painted her favorite color.
  4. He changed the slogan of his towing company to the lyric of her favorite song.
  5. He bought her a new wheel chair with a little towing hitch on the back, mostly as a joke but it’s actually a very nice wheelchair.
  6. He bought her chocolate every weekend since they’ve met, even before they were wholly romantic.
  7. There are a few other mature things I shouldn’t mention, even though they said I could. I think it’s too sexual to say here…

Now all of that might make any woman say “yes” to marriage. But Sally loves this man so much she agreed to end her career in Burlington and move to Hamilton where Frank has a quaint homestead and raise their children (she’s been pregnant for just over a week now). Frank is such a nice man, and it’s not because he operates one of the best tow truck Hamilton companies. He’s a nice man because he’s so loving and Sally could really have not gotten luckier.

Now the real reason I’m so jealous is because Frank and I used to be romantic many years ago. I’m the one that actually introduced them to each other, and they never stop reminding me of that. It feels kind of weird when they say it’s all my fault they’re so happily in love. You might think it’s even weirder that I want to share all this on my blog about architecture, but I know some readers will have found it interesting and lovely. At least it was entertaining! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates. For me in my life right now this is headline news!

PS: In the future I want to get more heavily invested in blogging. Any frequent readers will know I’ve been slacking lately and there’s no excuse other than lack of things to write about. So I guess that’s another reason I wanted to share this story. My readers deserve good content and so I hope this was nice. Thanks again for reading!