Designing Your Life as if you were Designing a House

People wonder why architects often live such orderly, well-planned lives. The truth is, we’re just masters at architecture. And designing architecture is a skill that can be applied to designing anything structural, including our own lives.

Our advice for anyone who wishes to have more control of their lives is to think of it the way an architect would think about designing a house. You need to know the purpose of every room, just like, in order to reach success in our lives, we need to know the purpose of each action we attend to.

This little helpful tip really helps me when I’m not sure where my life is going. I’m fully aware that wherever my life goes it’s only due to either lack of or excess of planning. To design the life you want, you need to actually sit down and design it, just like how an architect must sit down and design the house they want.

We hope this helps anyone in need of more control in their lives. Remember, you’re the designer!