Fellow in Kelowna BC Makes Music with Household Appliances!

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Hello folks! I got a special story for you guys today! This is a deep, in-depth look at the life of a very private man. This man is very secretive, but I had the honor of interviewing him last week and it took me a while to put this story together, as he wanted me to make many revisions. So let’s get started.

We don’t usually talk about music on this blog, but this is a special exception because it’s the story that matters, and 2010architecture.com loves inspirational stories about art of all kinds. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to share the name of the artist or any recordings of his music but I am allowed to tell his story and that’s the important thing. Get ready to be inspired!

For the sake of easy reading I’ll from now on refer to our hero of the story as “our artist.”

Did you know that it’s possible to make music out of household appliances? Most people didn’t either, but it is, and it sounds AMAZING!

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In the City of Kelowna, British Columbia, there lives a homeless man who, without support, got himself clean and sober and started looking for something other than drugs to keep himself busy. He used to play the drums on buckets for spare change downtown and after getting one too many compliments on his drumming skills he decided to upgrade his drums to various appliance parts. The tone of his music changed drastically that day and he kept adjusting his set up to make the music sound better everyday.

For the good base drum he used a freezer lid. For a nice high treble clash he used a part of a microwave door. And things kept changing. Before he knew it he was using a part and piece from every household appliance imaginable. He was using parts from washers and dryers, pieces of refrigerators, vacuums, and all other appliances and each piece gave a different sort of sound. Today he’s still experimenting with different appliances everyday.

He gets most of his appliance parts from broken appliances that no one can use or repair anymore. The appliances that work or the ones he repaired himself he plugs in to give strange machinery noises that compliment his music. Our artist remembered the day he got the idea for this style of music, which is somewhat electronic mixed with rock, and that makes sense because he sometimes puts rocks in an electric washing machine, and he uses that day for the inspiration of his hit song on the streets of Kelowna. This song is called “The Day,” and it stands for the day his life changed. He makes enough money now playing private shows to rent an apartment but he still chooses to be homeless because he prefers living that way.

If you saw our artist you’d never suspect that he was homeless. He dresses very nicely and showers in the gym everyday. You would, however, know right away that he’s a musical genius because he makes some of the best music in all of Kelowna BC.

appliance music

For various percussion instruments our artist uses:

  1. Freezer lids
  2. Microwave doors
  3. Dryers
  4. Washers
  5. Dishwasher racks
  6. Vacuums
  7. Dehumidifiers
  8. And more!

For his drumsticks he even uses these cylinder-shaped bars he found inside an oven! it’s really fascinating, eh? Most of his used appliances come from https://www.kelownaappliancerepair.com/ and they love giving their broken appliances to him because usually they need to pay to scrap them. This way art is made from the broken items that domestic homes no longer need and now domestic homes can be entertained with great local music!

It’s a win-win situation for all of Kelowna, British Columbia and I truly hope this story inspires other homeless people to follow their dreams. Thanks for reading and until next time don’t forget to enjoy the architecture you see on a daily basis.

The art of humanity is truly awesome!

If you know other similar inspirational stories please send them my way. I came across this one by pure luck as I recently visited Kelowna and got to talk to our artist for a while. I swear he’ll be famous one day and I’m so grateful to me one of the first to broadcast news about him.