Architectural Metaphor for Small Business Success

If you’re a new small business owner looking for inspiration to drive you toward success, there is a powerful metaphor you should understand–an architectural metaphor.

This is also an analogy for achieving goals in general. This knowledge first came to me from watching an interview with Will Smith. Before I share his ideas with a YouTube video, I want to cover the key points myself so that you’ll go into the video with everything needed to not only understand it but see it from the right angles.

Just like the construction of a building, you go into a business with a big picture in mind. This big picture is your blueprint. It’s what an architect uses to begin his work of actually constructing the building. Without the blueprint, the building can’t exist. BUT, this big picture isn’t the key you want to know. In other words, you don’t actually build the building by just smacking it onto the surface of the earth. You build it one piece at a time. Even the blueprint is drawn one line at a time. Therefore, to make this our metaphor for business success, you want to see your business success as putting one brick at a time.

This is the key–one brick at a time. This is important because when all your attention is placed on one brick at a time, you’re less likely to make mistakes. You’ll still have your building or business success (the big picture) in the end by putting in one brick at a time. So why focus on the big picture and stress yourself out when you can zone in to one aspect of your business success until it’s done and then do the next thing.

So with this in mind watch this interview with Will Smith. See how this knowledge impacts the ease of reaching your small business success. Thank you!