Marrying Your Passion

marry your passion

How do you follow your passion? You marry it! But marriage isn’t that simple, right? You’re right… so, if you want to marry a woman you must follow her first. Wait, I’m just making this more complicated. Let me start over.

To follow your passion you must treat her like the opposite sex. You must love her, and whatever your passion is she’ll only love you back if you treat her right. There’s a good and a bad side to passions, just like there’s a good and a bad side to marriage. For me, my passion was architecture. It’s not like I went around screaming, “I love you, architecture!” from the rooftops so everyone would hear. Life isn’t a movie, unless you make it one. Am I making this too complicated again?

Let’s make this simple. If you have a passion and want to make it your whole world, make a career out of it, then you must treat it with the same respect you would treat your spouse in a healthy marriage. It’s a weird metaphor, but it works. Try it!

Cleaning Architectural Roof Tops in Vancouver BC

science world

A visit from a dear friend who does commercial roof cleaning in Vancouver, British Columbia, has opened my mind to a new broad scope of details that I believe every architect should be aware of. What are these details? To get started I’ll say that when an architect is designing a roof, they should be aware of how easy that roof will be to clean once it gets dirty or covered in moss.

How do you design a roof with roof cleaners in mind? Don’t do what many architects are doing and make roof tops super intricate with lots of pokes and pockets. A roof cleaner, for his own safety, always wears a harness but when the roof is at ridiculous slopes and dangerous heights then they might charge your client way more for roof cleaning services then they might otherwise do.

Keeping in mind how your building design will by washed by exterior cleaning companies when drawing your blue print is a sign of being a more experienced architect. My dear friend who visited had been doing roof cleaning Vancouver services for nearly a decade before he decided to bring this issue up with me. He knows I’m an architect, and he first came to me asking, “Do all architects do this?” and then he showed me a picture of one of the craziest roof tops in Vancouver. He began to complain about architects and how some of them refuse to appreciate function and instead seemingly wish to make cleaning roofs as hard as possible. I had to tell him that this wasn’t true.

Here is what the truth is:

Architects don’t know how hard it can be to clean a roof in the heat or window washing in the winter. They design a building with both beauty and function in mind, and not all of them think of roof cleaners when they think of function. They’re actually trying to design roofs in ways that they might not need to get cleaned as often because of the way angles slope and certain corners block the sun.

It is also true, however, that all architects should be aware of how a roof cleaning company operates before they complete their building designs.

“Imagine if I had to clean Science World,” my friend said. And then I rebutted with, “Imagine if beautiful buildings like Science World didn’t exist because architects were always trying to cater to roof cleaners.”

My friend started to understand my points after that rebuttal, and I was already understanding him. After all, he does have a good point. Some roofs are nearly impossible to clean without it being a stressful hazard because the architect had no idea how the roof should be cleaned. Most architects aren’t like this, but the ones that are who are new to designing buildings need to learn from this.

What do roof cleaners need from architects? They need the following 5 things.

  1. Ways to anchor their harnesses onto the roof.
  2. Easy ways to access the roof.
  3. If slopes are steep and high, then extra anchors.
  4. If roofs are round, then steps for them to work on.
  5. If roofs are glass, then places to stand without scratching it.

My friend told me a bunch of things that would make architectural roof tops in Vancouver easier to clean, but these were the biggest ones I took away from our discussion. If you’re an architect like us, then we hope you took something away from this architecture fact. Tell your friends about it, because we need roof cleaners just as much as they need us.

Thanks for visiting.

Designing Your Life as if you were Designing a House


People wonder why architects often live such orderly, well-planned lives. The truth is, we’re just masters at architecture. And designing architecture is a skill that can be applied to designing anything structural, including our own lives.

Our advice for anyone who wishes to have more control of their lives is to think of it the way an architect would think about designing a house. You need to know the purpose of every room, just like, in order to reach success in our lives, we need to know the purpose of each action we attend to.

This little helpful tip really helps me when I’m not sure where my life is going. I’m fully aware that wherever my life goes it’s only due to either lack of or excess of planning. To design the life you want, you need to actually sit down and design it, just like how an architect must sit down and design the house they want.

We hope this helps anyone in need of more control in their lives. Remember, you’re the designer!

How LEGO Got Me Into Architecture

how lego got me into architecture

When I was four my parents got my big sister a princess LEGO set and I was superbly jealous! I stomped and asked, “Why can’t I get a LEGO set?” My parents calmly made reply: “You’re too young and might swallow the pieces.”

After that I decided I would prove the whole world wrong! I created the evil plan to go behind my sister’s back and use her LEGO pieces to construct the most glorious skyscraper the world has ever seen. I laughed like a cartoon evil genius and displayed the completed skyscraper in the living room so my parents would see it when they finished cooking dinner. When they saw it, they rushed to my sister and lifted her in the air with hugs. She proudly took all the credit, still to this day not knowing who had really built it, and that’s when I knew I had a talent.

Since then I’ve built hundreds of LEGO creations and designed dozens of real buildings that still stand today. And so that is the story of how LEGO turned me into an architect, and I love being me! Muahahahahaha!

I hope you found this story cute and amusing. Hope to see you back soon!

How a Burlington Architect Married a Hamilton Tow Truck Operator, and Why I’m Jealous!

marrying a tow truck driver

I love the thought of marriage and I’m jealous of my architect friend, Sally. I always thought she would marry some rich guy and go off to design crazy architecture in her home city Burlington, Ontario, Canada, which would have made me jealous, too, but I’m really envious because the man she married, Frank, is the nicest gentleman I’ve ever met and they really deserve each other. Today, this post will be about love, happiness, growth and how a man who operates tow trucks has risen to be the richest man in spirit I’ve ever known.

Sally and I have been friends since childhood and I just want to say “hi” to her because I know she’s going to read this (I’m so proud of you!). The wedding was last weekend in India where they both always dreamed of visiting. They’re still there enjoying their honeymoon, so I guess this is my post card to you guys.

I got permission to share their story here on because it’s so beautiful and deserves to have more people hear it, or in this case read it. I plan to make the story into a more formal narrative for a greater publication, so this will be practice.

Frank has been operating his roadside assistance and towing company for most of his adult life, but he’s not very competitive. He has some repeating customers and that’s all he needs to get by, but lately his company has been growing substantially ever since he upped his marketing game. When I was visiting Hamilton, ON, CA last summer, I got the chance to meet him. Sally and him have known each other for three years now but it’s only been romantic between them for the past 9 months. Why is their story so beautiful land worth sharing? Well, let’s get to the juicy bits!

There are a list of things Frank did before he asked Sally’s hand in marriage that I think the best way to get into it is to make a list:

  1. He carried her out of the house and into the tow truck and drove her to work from Hamilton to Burlington every day for the 9 months they’ve been living together (Sally’s in a wheel chair, hence the carrying).
  2. Every day after work he brought her flowers for the course of a whole month!
  3. He got all his tow trucks painted her favorite color.
  4. He changed the slogan of his towing company to the lyric of her favorite song.
  5. He bought her a new wheel chair with a little towing hitch on the back, mostly as a joke but it’s actually a very nice wheelchair.
  6. He bought her chocolate every weekend since they’ve met, even before they were wholly romantic.
  7. There are a few other mature things I shouldn’t mention, even though they said I could. I think it’s too sexual to say here…

Now all of that might make any woman say “yes” to marriage. But Sally loves this man so much she agreed to end her career in Burlington and move to Hamilton where Frank has a quaint homestead and raise their children (she’s been pregnant for just over a week now). Frank is such a nice man, and it’s not because he operates one of the best tow truck Hamilton companies. He’s a nice man because he’s so loving and Sally could really have not gotten luckier.

Now the real reason I’m so jealous is because Frank and I used to be romantic many years ago. I’m the one that actually introduced them to each other, and they never stop reminding me of that. It feels kind of weird when they say it’s all my fault they’re so happily in love. You might think it’s even weirder that I want to share all this on my blog about architecture, but I know some readers will have found it interesting and lovely. At least it was entertaining! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates. For me in my life right now this is headline news!

PS: In the future I want to get more heavily invested in blogging. Any frequent readers will know I’ve been slacking lately and there’s no excuse other than lack of things to write about. So I guess that’s another reason I wanted to share this story. My readers deserve good content and so I hope this was nice. Thanks again for reading!

Help Wanted Designing New Shop for Appliance Mechanic in Kamloops, BC, CA!

Hello a dear friend of mine makes good money operating a small appliance repair company in Kamloops and just inherited enough money to build a new building on his property. I thought I would help to put out the word. This project won’t be picking up till late 2020 so please contact me if you want the position for designing the building and being the architect. He wants a professional that will make the building modern and who can also handle all the contracting to get the construction complete.

Hope this opportunity appeals to you! Thanks.

Motivating Young Architects To Use Their Imagination

You don’t have to read 100 books to learn that the youth of today will be the adults of the future. This post is a shot out to all the young architects out there.

Don’t feel afraid to invent new styles and follow your dreams. In the world of design and architecture we need more artful approaches. I like to say modern is boring, but the future is bright, all thanks to you!

Please, use your imagination and don’t feel afraid to hear a lot of “nays” and laughter. Often new great ideas are ridiculed only to be profoundly accepted years later. So if you know what you believe to be the truth, stick to it and don’t stop for no man! The other day I made a post about a homeless man in Kelowna BC who made music with broken appliances, and this can be a great example of following your passion.

With all that said, it’s always a good idea still to read 100 books. Educate yourself and you can do whatever you want in this world!

I’d say “good luck”, but you don’t need it. You got this!

Fellow in Kelowna BC Makes Music with Household Appliances!

music in kelowna bc

Hello folks! I got a special story for you guys today! This is a deep, in-depth look at the life of a very private man. This man is very secretive, but I had the honor of interviewing him last week and it took me a while to put this story together, as he wanted me to make many revisions. So let’s get started.

We don’t usually talk about music on this blog, but this is a special exception because it’s the story that matters, and loves inspirational stories about art of all kinds. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to share the name of the artist or any recordings of his music but I am allowed to tell his story and that’s the important thing. Get ready to be inspired!

For the sake of easy reading I’ll from now on refer to our hero of the story as “our artist.”

Did you know that it’s possible to make music out of household appliances? Most people didn’t either, but it is, and it sounds AMAZING!

kelowna appliances

In the City of Kelowna, British Columbia, there lives a homeless man who, without support, got himself clean and sober and started looking for something other than drugs to keep himself busy. He used to play the drums on buckets for spare change downtown and after getting one too many compliments on his drumming skills he decided to upgrade his drums to various appliance parts. The tone of his music changed drastically that day and he kept adjusting his set up to make the music sound better everyday.

For the good base drum he used a freezer lid. For a nice high treble clash he used a part of a microwave door. And things kept changing. Before he knew it he was using a part and piece from every household appliance imaginable. He was using parts from washers and dryers, pieces of refrigerators, vacuums, and all other appliances and each piece gave a different sort of sound. Today he’s still experimenting with different appliances everyday.

He gets most of his appliance parts from broken appliances that no one can use or repair anymore. The appliances that work or the ones he repaired himself he plugs in to give strange machinery noises that compliment his music. Our artist remembered the day he got the idea for this style of music, which is somewhat electronic mixed with rock, and that makes sense because he sometimes puts rocks in an electric washing machine, and he uses that day for the inspiration of his hit song on the streets of Kelowna. This song is called “The Day,” and it stands for the day his life changed. He makes enough money now playing private shows to rent an apartment but he still chooses to be homeless because he prefers living that way.

If you saw our artist you’d never suspect that he was homeless. He dresses very nicely and showers in the gym everyday. You would, however, know right away that he’s a musical genius because he makes some of the best music in all of Kelowna BC.

appliance music

For various percussion instruments our artist uses:

  1. Freezer lids
  2. Microwave doors
  3. Dryers
  4. Washers
  5. Dishwasher racks
  6. Vacuums
  7. Dehumidifiers
  8. And more!

For his drumsticks he even uses these cylinder-shaped bars he found inside an oven! it’s really fascinating, eh? Most of his used appliances come from and they love giving their broken appliances to him because usually they need to pay to scrap them. This way art is made from the broken items that domestic homes no longer need and now domestic homes can be entertained with great local music!

It’s a win-win situation for all of Kelowna, British Columbia and I truly hope this story inspires other homeless people to follow their dreams. Thanks for reading and until next time don’t forget to enjoy the architecture you see on a daily basis.

The art of humanity is truly awesome!

If you know other similar inspirational stories please send them my way. I came across this one by pure luck as I recently visited Kelowna and got to talk to our artist for a while. I swear he’ll be famous one day and I’m so grateful to me one of the first to broadcast news about him.

Medieval Architecture Study: Hollywood Castles vs. Historical Crenelations & Machicolations

what are the defense systems of a real medieval castle

Disney castles are beautiful, luxurious and dreamyallowing billions to lose themselves in romantic pleasure–but in a historical context they’re completely pointless. In the Crusader States of the 11th to 14th centuries, Christian castles riddled mountain-peaks and crossroads in the Holy Land because they were crucial for assuring the livability of Christian insurgents in a foreign land. Therefore, we can assume that THE WHOLE POINT OF CASTLES IS TO HAVE BATTLEMENTS FOR MILITARY PURPOSES!

medieval battlements
real medieval castle

I would be willing to bet you $6 that over 90% over the castles shown in video games, cartoons and all other “fantastical” castles don’t have machicolations.

Machicolations” are similar to murder holes but they are narrower, longer and located underneath the crenelations of a rampart so that archers on the wallwalks can shoot arrows and drop hazards onto besiegers huddling or scaling the side of the wall below.

Have you ever used a VHS player? Do you still have one? And all the old Disney cartoons and everything! OMG, I love you! But, hey… go grab any Disney cartoon movie off the dusty shelf and take the time to study all the castles you see, if you see any, (don’t forget popcorn) or just replay them in your mind if you’re lazy and don’t feel like following the commands of a random blogger. Disney cartoons from the time of VHS tapes were the best, btw.

To learn the difference between the fake castles and real ones, follow the following two steps…


After you’ve reintroduced yourself to Disney castles, go onto your favorite online platform for searching up old pictures, images or non-VR videos and type “real medieval castles.”

What differences can you see?


Hmm, for a clearer picture of why I’m asking you to do this, now search for “video game castles from 2018.”

What differences can you see?

When I do this, I see hundreds of differences, but the ones related to the title of this blog post are crenelations not being the proper size in video games and machicolations existing in history but not in video games.

medieval castle
castle and moon

For more information about the differences explained here, I advise you to consider taking Medieval Studies to learn about military history at your local university or physical school centre, if your futuristic city still has one.

Thank you for being excited about historical architecture. We hope you write about it, too. Go back to the homepage for more!


Architectural Metaphor for Small Business Success

If you’re a new small business owner looking for inspiration to drive you toward success, there is a powerful metaphor you should understand–an architectural metaphor.

This is also an analogy for achieving goals in general. This knowledge first came to me from watching an interview with Will Smith. Before I share his ideas with a YouTube video, I want to cover the key points myself so that you’ll go into the video with everything needed to not only understand it but see it from the right angles.

Just like the construction of a building, you go into a business with a big picture in mind. This big picture is your blueprint. It’s what an architect uses to begin his work of actually constructing the building. Without the blueprint, the building can’t exist. BUT, this big picture isn’t the key you want to know. In other words, you don’t actually build the building by just smacking it onto the surface of the earth. You build it one piece at a time. Even the blueprint is drawn one line at a time. Therefore, to make this our metaphor for business success, you want to see your business success as putting one brick at a time.

This is the key–one brick at a time. This is important because when all your attention is placed on one brick at a time, you’re less likely to make mistakes. You’ll still have your building or business success (the big picture) in the end by putting in one brick at a time. So why focus on the big picture and stress yourself out when you can zone in to one aspect of your business success until it’s done and then do the next thing.

So with this in mind watch this interview with Will Smith. See how this knowledge impacts the ease of reaching your small business success. Thank you!